We are not moving

We had the carpets cleaned today. This made the curtains look unbelievably (or believably if you know how rarely I wash curtains) shabby. So I took the curtains to wash.

Already reeling from the new washing machine interloper (and firmly believing it is *still* not to be trusted) Kandalle The King Of The World cat is now stalking around all huffily because his world has changed.

He almost took a limb off the carpet cleaner today - so that was fun too.

Work in Progress

Getting there ...

Tile not yet grouted (will mellow when done). Waiting for finishes to cure and mortar to dry means a rare day off. I stand in the doorway and gaze at it.

To this Mr. Wonderful shouts "I believe that's called watching paint dry."


Renovation Diaries Day 10,171

It's not just a toilet in the living room, it's an impromptu and very handy coffee table too.