Soccer: it’s not for sissies


Seven & Seven?

Or seven months later I I finally complete a layout of Kassie's 7th birthday. I was just waiting for that "perfect moment" which was, apparently, December. Kassies_7th_birthday_party_copy

Soccer girl strikes again!

More pics from late Fall (see ... I'm not as far behind as I could be!) Photos from Kassie's soccer season. Kass_soccer_two Kass_soccer_one

Big Surf Lake Erie

More belated Summer '06 vacation pics ~ Note the life vests on MY kids in the upper left photo. Can you say "overprotective mom?"

Hey, you can't be too careful with that awesome Lake Erie riptide.


Like a little July in Christmas …

... rather than Christmas in July? Proof that a) summer was real; and b) we enjoyed it immensely.