Dsc08283_edited1_2  Well, it's really NO SURPRISE that it's taken me two weeks to the day to upload photos from Grandpa's (Howard's) 80th Birthday party on November 4, 2006.

Special thanks to all who came from far and wide to share this special day with all of us.

He's a loveable guy and was truly surprised so it was certainly a success. We love you!

Book ‘em Danno

Cub_scout_fingerprinting_015compress One photo of Matthew on a Cub Scout field trip last night to the Columbiana Police Station. We can only hope that this is the first and last time he is fingerprinted in this manner. I'd hate to think some otherwise successful cross-country crime spree will end when he is nabbed solely on the fingerprint card obtained when he was 9 on a Cub Scout field trip.

Many pumpkins were harmed …

Many pumpkins were harmed in the making of these jack o' lanterns. Very belated scenes from the Pumpkin Party '06. They came, they saw(ed), they made crazy pumpkins!