Clearing my (Almost) Good Name

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Your Government At Work

Actual Conversation I had with a County Office Yesterday (Paraphrasing but you get the jist):

Them: "Yes, the documents you sent us? They are good but not quite right. We can't use them this way, I need you to send a bit more information?"

Me: "Sure. No Problem. Sorry. So can  you give me an idea what you are looking for so I can get it to you quickly without issues?"

Them: "Well, we aren't ALLOWED to tell you what to send. You just have to send it."

Me: Silence.

Me: ??

Me: "What the heck?"

Me: "So ... let me get this straight. You can tell me that what I DID send is wrong? But you are not ALLOWED to tell me what you DO need that would be right?"

Them: "Yes."

Okay Really? REALLY?

Since when is local government operating on a "we could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you" basis?

What is it Wednesday?

Today we will play a fun new game called "What the Heck Is It Wednesday?" This because, despite my battle cry to declutter and purge my home of that which is not useful, beautiful, or sentimental, I have a wee little yard sale/rummage addiction that causes me to purchase things I don't need. To whit:

As you can see it is clearly the most versatile and useful item EVER as evidenced by the fact that it can, apparently, be used up or down. Or is that down or up? Anyway, the handles (I think they are handles?) have vinyl/rubber grips that lead me to believe they should, in fact, grip something. Perhaps rest on something? The angle lead us to think "pot or lid holder" but in real life that doesn't seem to work so well. The openings "lean" too much or something. I don't know much about physics but suffice to say that something isn't right with those mechanics.

So, I'm stumped and out a quarter. This is how I get sucked in to these things. "What is this? Oh, you don't know either? But it's only a quarter AND it's got red on it? I'll hit that!"*
(*Ode to Frank, American Pickers. I can't quit you Frank).

So, what is it?
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Torturing children for fun and photos

Every fall since they were small I have herded the children out into the yard and forced them to pose for me. Used to be I could bribe them with candy. Now that they can score their own candy, I have to go for the hard stuff: “Because I said so” and threats of grave bodily harm. You do what works.
It’s been amazing to watch them grow, in a blink, from humans so tiny they could scarcely hold their bobble heads up long enough to be photographed into full fledged lanky people who can count and know that “just a few more shots” is not, in fact, 300 more shots. Back then I lived in dread fear that my then two-year old son would allow his months-old sister to topple out of the swing and on to the ground face first and how would I explain THAT to grandma?

Today I live in dread fear that someday they will have valid excuses to dodge my annual Fall Photo Sessions. Things like “mom I have to work” or “mom I moved out five years ago.”

On the Menu

On the menu this evening homemade chicken pot pie and homebaked banana bread.

I better steam a piece of broccoli or something. Can you O.D. on carbs?

In other news the people who owe me money STILL owe me money. "I promise I'll pay on the 15th" apparently means the 15th of Never?

I'm a reasonable person, as Landlords go. This means, however, that I have had enough.

I am willing to work with ANYONE and understand the fear, stress, and frustration of "more month than money."

Outright lies and dodging my calls so that you don't have to speak to me and at least come up with a plan?

That I can't deal with at all.

Beautiful Townhouse style twinplex for rent. Hardwood floors. Cheap. :) 

On the upside I have found the Best Banana Bread recipe (apologies to my Grandmother). It uses Bisquick and is so easy to whip up that this is the second loaf we've had this week.

Not that I'm purposefully neglecting my bananas just to get them overripe enough to bake with or anything.

Oh no. Not at all ...

Kickin' it Midwestern Style

Nothing says "Autumn in Ohio" quite like needing flip-flops AND thermal insulated Muck boots on the same day ...

Welcome to Ohio. Hope you dressed warm.
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