Onion Extermination

So I was making our bed this morning and found little black flecks in the sheets? What? Flecks? Pellets? What????

Now, anyone living in an old farmhouse knows that if you see black pellets the only acceptable response is to FREAK THE HECK OUT because that is a clear sign of mice. Try as we might and as clean as we may be, old farmhouses, fields and mice seem to go together like, well, fields and mice. Hence the term "field mouse."

Thus I stand in disbelief, already beginning to hyperventilate and almost blindly reaching for the phone to call an exterminator, bug man, the National Guard ANYONE who can do something about what is clearly never before seen level of mouse boldness. In my BED no less!

"Hello Orkin? I want the fully tented skull and crossbones package please ..."

Then, just as I ran for the Yellow Pages it hit me. The kids surprised daddy today with breakfast in bed. Onion bagels in bed to be exact. Ah, sweet mystery of life thus solved. Those bits were not mouse-related. They were deliciously crispy onion bagel bit related.

And really, although I could give him a hard time about eating bagels in bed (not that I'd kick him out or anything, wink, wink) but I'm really not looking for anyone to eradicate onion bagels from my life.

Now, the extra pounds that come from them, that's another story ...

Straws R (not) Us?

Where do they hide the smoothie straws? Seriously, those nice, wide ones for sipping thicker drinks? Are they not available in stores? Hidden in some secret, undisclosed location for sale only to the Smoothie Trade? Inquiring minds want to know. I asked my fave smoothie seller but the response was all very "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."


We just spent a very confused moment staring at the caller ID on the TV screen and wondering how I could be calling us when I am sitting right here clearly NOT calling us. Stupid Touch Screen Cellular Phone. You can say what you want about a flip-phone being the technological equivalent of an 8-track, but I have butt-dialed more people in the two weeks I've had this new phone than in all the years previous.

Lovely Gertie

Here is the lovely Miss Gertie M. Seabolt (Gertie to her friends and fans). Isn't she gorgeous? Those soft brown ears, the golden eyes, the gleam in her eye as she gauges the height of that fence ...
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Frosty Whaaa?

Just realized that my new chest freezer is "manual defrost." Matt just asked me if I'd ever done that (defrosted) before. No, no I have not. I also have never crank started a Model T, made my own butter, or had to order ice for my "ice box." Primarily because IT IS NOT 1940 and I had no idea that this knowledge would be necessary.

Silly Boys

I am told that on Friday my daughter, a whopping 70 or so pounds of pure pigtailed fury, tackled a boy in football and LAID HIM OUT. Attempting to save face he immediately jumped up and called her a "wimp." Apparently the only thing better than being taken down by a girl is being creamed by a "wimpy" one? シ

Then and Now

I call this Tupperware - then and now. Okay, so the tin on the left isn't really Tupperware but it does represent what were then pretty stellar in pre-ziplock and tupperware food storage (probably c. 1940's?) To the right we have the darlingest red-lid Tupperware which, while not as decorative, does enjoy the distinction of being slightly less likely to cause lead poisoning - which makes it a real treasure in my book! Vintage tin = $1. Two Tupperware storage units with matching lids = .25 cents (for both).

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Puffy, dreamy, cool, and creamy I would marry this down comforter and featherbed combo if I could. Instead we are together 4-ever for the low, low bargain price of just $18 - total.

As seen on TV (but never purchased because GAH, that stuff is EXPENSIVE!) the fold-flat collander and silicon cutting/baking mat. They cost way-more-than-my-cheap-bone-would-allow-me-to-blow but when the bargain karma is smilin' down come to just under $5 total (there is also a second mat not pictured which makes this price ever-that-much-more smile inducing).

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Okay, so I flatter myself that you are all sitting with bated breath, on the edge of your seat with "did she or didn't she?" angst so let me put you out of your misery and say that she (I) did.

I did go back and score that queen sized featherbed - for $2.50.

As it would turn out Friday's are HALF-PRICE DAYS for Church Rummage Sales! Who knew?

Oh blessed mercy there I was with my featherbed clutched in my hot little hands, having breathlessly busted into that church on the dot of 8:30 a..m. (freak). When the nice lady told me it wasn't $5 but $2.50 I could scarcely believe my luck! I had arrived so early that, in fact, she had no change yet. No problemo. At those prices I spotted the Lord fifty-cents and went on my merry way where, later that day I would score a queen-sized down comforter still in the ORIGINAL Packaging for $15.

I am telling you friends,the Lord smiles down on a generous bargain aficionado - and apparently He wants me to sleep in.