Okay, so I flatter myself that you are all sitting with bated breath, on the edge of your seat with "did she or didn't she?" angst so let me put you out of your misery and say that she (I) did.

I did go back and score that queen sized featherbed - for $2.50.

As it would turn out Friday's are HALF-PRICE DAYS for Church Rummage Sales! Who knew?

Oh blessed mercy there I was with my featherbed clutched in my hot little hands, having breathlessly busted into that church on the dot of 8:30 a..m. (freak). When the nice lady told me it wasn't $5 but $2.50 I could scarcely believe my luck! I had arrived so early that, in fact, she had no change yet. No problemo. At those prices I spotted the Lord fifty-cents and went on my merry way where, later that day I would score a queen-sized down comforter still in the ORIGINAL Packaging for $15.

I am telling you friends,the Lord smiles down on a generous bargain aficionado - and apparently He wants me to sleep in.

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