The driveway bunnies continue their bid to not become even a little bit smarter. They remain firmly convinced that all cars will stop and/or swerve around them. This is the evolutionary process IN REVERSE. Eventually someone who is not me is going to come along and not be as invested in rolling down the window yelling "Bunnies. Move bunnies! Shoo bunnneeehhhs" and they are going to get creamed. 
 Not everyone has the crucial bunny herder instinct like I do.
My hero. That patio table umbrella wasn't blowing away on HIS watch.

Sweden o' the Mall

Ikea is basically a poor man's Pottery Barn. Impossible levels of charm and organization. Ikea also has meatballs while Pottery Barn has foolishly opted not to provide snacks.

I usually head to Ikea with a head full of amazing ideas and possibilities. Then I wander around for a few hours, become overwhelmed with all the choices, lose the tiny pencil they give you to take notes on where to find the items you want/need in the vast warehouse the size of Sweden, and come home with a black picture frame or a new ladle in some color that matches nothing in my house but would work well if I lived in a cool SoHo loft (which I do not). This time, however, I had a Plan.  GirlWonder needed a new light fixture - something "funky" and "cool."

There is only one word for that: Ikea!

Admiring the Meatballs. (She actually ordered a salad because she REFUSES TO FOLLOW RULES).
No Idea what these are but they appear to be very well stocked.
Oh, a Snake Back Scratcher (?) Of course! (?) You really can't ever have too many of those.
Yes. This appears Funky Enough.
This is how they fool you into thinking that if you just put all your clutter behind glass front cabinets it becomes Art. The Swedes are a sneaky people.
She had to have him. We call him Woody. Just like all the other people who have ever purchased this ever. 
Still love that light.
Some (read: all) assembly required. You can tell by the placement of my feet that I am an integral part of this process.
Also makes a lovely headpiece.

Grammar Matters

This blast from the past is an encore presentation c. 2009.

Recently, I was chatting with my good friend Patti about how we were all looking forward to the warmer weather, the good times, the get-togethers, the special times spent chatting around the pool.
Upon hearing this Kassie interjected, breezily, Yeah and you moms can sit around and enjoy your marijuana!"

Quizzing her immediately on what EXACTLY she was talking about and how did she, little missy, even know of such things she shrugged, sheepish, and said you know mommy. Those drinks with the umbrellas? 


Mystery Solved. 

Geneva-on-the-Lake 2012

 No Shade App? 

 People may be surprised to learn that Ohio has gorgeous, white sand beaches.

The Strip at night. Very Honky-Tonk Boardwalk. Excellent Food. Not a bit of it good for you, but you don't go there for THAT.

What goes great with wine? Elmo. 

I don't think we ate indoors the entire three days we were there.

 My Best Girl and I

White Turkey Drive Inn, Conneaut, Ohio. How did that sneak in there? Road trip! 

True Confession: I will ride any roller coaster known to man but I am scared to screaming, white-knuckled DEATH of Ferris Wheels. Just say no.

Pretty though. 

A Word Verification Free World

There is a movement afoot on the internet and one I heartily applaud WITH BOTH HANDS. I'll even put my drink down to clap for this one.

It's a movement to put an end to Word Verification Blogs.

You know the type. You've just completed a warm, witty and truly inspired reply, you scroll down to hit "send" prepared to share your greatness with the world (because you're a giver like that) and you run into the typeset version of Sanskrit. 

For most of us these fuzzy, overlapping images are an annoyance at best and a reminder of our own age and failing eyesight at worse.

For the vision impaired they are literal roadblocks on the information superhighway.

In solidarity I am joining the movement to no longer comment on blogs that require word verification.

Quiet Time

Kassie's leg. On the upside she and her brother (Matt) have been peaceful all afternoon. Proof that no matter how old they are if it gets too quiet they are probably drawing on something.