A Word Verification Free World

There is a movement afoot on the internet and one I heartily applaud WITH BOTH HANDS. I'll even put my drink down to clap for this one.

It's a movement to put an end to Word Verification Blogs.

You know the type. You've just completed a warm, witty and truly inspired reply, you scroll down to hit "send" prepared to share your greatness with the world (because you're a giver like that) and you run into the typeset version of Sanskrit. 

For most of us these fuzzy, overlapping images are an annoyance at best and a reminder of our own age and failing eyesight at worse.

For the vision impaired they are literal roadblocks on the information superhighway.

In solidarity I am joining the movement to no longer comment on blogs that require word verification.


Rita said...

Totally agree! I did that a while back and put up a notice on my blog. Glad to see you feel the same way!! :)

Also, people who are sight impaired or blind cannot even comment without assistance.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

I probably learned it FROM your blog. I had no idea but once I read about this I had to make it a new policy.

Furry Bottoms said...

I'm with you on the word verification! Actually, a blind friend of mine asked me to take it off my blog so she could comment. I had no idea! So it is completely gone!