Weekly Read: Parenting Performance Review

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Mother's Day Program, Middle School. Video of the Actual Performance below. Because I'm proud like that. (The camera gets shaky when I start to sob).  I cried.

I love you to the moon and back three times and all the way to Salem too baby. ♥


Blast from the past ... Why My Son Will Need Therapy Edition

Better mothers run for an ice pack. I grab the camera.


 Description: Hammocks are tricky. Oh sure they act all sweet and innocent, lulling you into a sense of relaxation, but that s just a ruse to lower your defenses. One moment you are swaying happily ~ sure it’s a little too high but it’s not like your mom knows anything when she cautions you about that. Nope, one minute you are swinging away, ~enjoying the breeze and catching the sky. Then WHAM! You are doing a face plant on the downswing - straight into the dirt. Fortunately you aren’t too badly hurt. Unfortunately, you broke your fall with your mouth. Ouch! Cousin Elizabeth did render some first aid in the form of good cheer. As you lay prone on a lawn chair, ice bag pressed to your bloody, swollen, and altogether shredded lip, she leaned over you gently and said “let me see it buddy ....” only to jump back about a foot and scream “OhMyGosh That’s HORRIBLE!” when you did (and then WE laughed ~ even though you didn’t). Glad to see you healed up nicely buddy. Just always remember that there’s a reason you should listen to the things your mother warns you about. Oh, and I’m telling you ~ hammocks are not to be trusted.

GirlWonder's Big Debut

Mother's Day Program, Middle School. I cried. I love you to the moon and back three times and all the way to Salem too baby. ♥