Weekly Read | The Big Bangs Theory

Yesterday I got bangs. As any woman knows, this is clearly a cry for help ... 
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I am yet another victim of the dreaded, possibly evil, mandolin slicer.

Yes, I could not be more proud. I was saying to myself "careful, careful now ..." even at the very moment I was slicing a cucumber - and my finger - deep and wide with a mandolin slicer.

I'm home with a new set of bandages and a handy dandy tetanus shot, my cutting glove on order from Amazon (a day late and dollar short I believe they say?)

On the upside the MD was very impressed with Wondergirl's bandaging prowess. Said that with her skill and level head she might have a future and if she was ever interested in medicine she should come up and follow them around for a day.

I told him she wanted to be a vet. I bet few cows mess around with mandolin slicers.

As for eating healthy, I also bet few people ever bled copiously after opening a "Twinkie."

Don't Cry Because It's Over,

Don't Cry Because It's Over, Smile Because It Happened. 

(Easier said than done as we complete our magical year plus with the Best Team Ever and our daughter "retires" from the Under 12 League).

BCSC Rapids Players and families - you know who you are and you know we love you, each and every one!
This is a happy picture but I think it will always make me want to cry. 
Will miss seeing these happy faces every week. 
May the world always be kind and always bless and know how special these kids are. 

Don't you wish your piggy was hot like mine?

Because CLEARLY, everyone needs one of these.

Soccer ball piggy bank = Fifty Cents.

Being able to say I OWN a soccer ball piggy bank = Priceless.
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With regards to Anna Quindlen

Truer Words Have Never Been spoken

Truer words were never spoken. Let me assure you that the dirt will still be there. The bills will still be there. The worries, concerns, and fears will still be there. The kids, however, will not still be there. If you do your job well they will be grown and gone in the blink of an eye.

You have canned goods with a longer shelf-life than childhood.

Don't squander it.

Don't waste it.

Don't worry it away.

The Weekly Read | Mean Moms of America, Unite!

From This Week's Column: 
I can speak only for my small corner of the world, but I’d like to think Facebook has done more to thwart “but everyone ELSE is doing it” than all the years of “if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” snappy-mom comebacks combined.

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American Pickers, Hometown Edition

I just know Mike and Frank are in there somewhere ... 
So once there was a very nice couple who bought the contents of a storage unit in North Lima, Ohio. They soon realized, it seems, that they had purchased a time capsule of sorts. Then they opened it up to sell to the public. And that's where WE come in ... :) 

Yes, this is an old gravestone. No, we do not want to know ...

My brave friend, Dawn, is either holding up this vintage "Barbie and Midge" Barbie Doll carry-case to show it off, or flag down help. She may, in fact, be sinking in knee deep vintage goods ... 

Handy if you should need to make your own Muppet ...

Vintage late 60's election materials. 
"Whose Side is Nixon On ..." indeed.

In retrospect I don't know why we didn't snap this up to add to our vintage mixer collection. The one we just started, oh, yesterday. 

This appears to be a combination stove and refrigerator ALL IN ONE. Brilliant! Why did this design not catch on?
 The stove burners are visible just under the radio.

Probably because the freezer was the size of a shoe box and wouldn't hold more than an ice cube tray and one popsicle? 
People just had no vision when it came to the wonders of fitting your entire kitchen into a closet. 

Weekly Read | Growling At A Weed

It’s not that I hate nature. I love nature, in my own way. By this I mean I like it trimmed, tamed and arranged outside my door in pleasing patterns. These are preferably patterns that have been ...  Finish reading This Week's Column at F&D

Bargains Galore and a Clothing Score!

Had to buy these. They had my name on 'em ;)

3 pair shorts, 2 pair Hollister capris, 2 Aero jeans, 3 piece bathing suit (new with tags), Hollister tanks (2), Hollister sweater, Aero sweatshirt, Old Navy pullover, Forever 21 sweatpants, Justice sweat shorts. Total <$20

Totally Retro Vintage Hamilton Beach Mixer with two bowls, green glass measuring cup, small aluminum cup (see below for WTH?) and linen tea towel - total $5.50 *ETA that online research leads me to believe that this Hamilton Beach Model G is c. 1946. I get a kick out of that. Imagining that my mixer may have baked "welcome back from WW II" cookies and certainly some Baby Boomer Birthday cakes. Imagine all the old recipes and many hours and mix-miles this baby logged. 

I have absolutely no idea what "HEMO Thompson Malted Malted Milk" but I know it has added beef AND iron - so yum!
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