When you care enough to send the VERY best ...

To Mike, from Kassie. She made this card back in May and carefully
saved it for this special day.The "Happy and Healthy and Active" line
sounds like a PSA for some Government Nutrition and Fitness Program but
it really is her sentiment - in her own words.
I have made no bones about the fact that I did not, in fact, buy a house. I bought a porch that just happened to have a house ATTACHED to it. That's how that worked out.
Some years I feel quite frisky come spring and I drag out the hose and the buckets of warm soapy water and the scrub brushes and I spent the first passingly warm (but not warm enough) Spring day scrubbing all the dirt and lint and cobwebs and bugs off my porch until it gleamed. Then I would immediately realize it needed painted and (sometimes) I would do that.
This was not one of those years. I scrubbed it, yes. But I just can't get motivated to paint when it's only 60 degrees and apparently going to be damp all summer.
Instead I'll just enjoy my photos of my porch of year's past and close my eyes and pretend it looks that way now.

Mr. Wonderful in the Flesh


Is it wrong to lust after you son's Boy Scout Leader?

Okay, now what if he's your HUSBAND?

Mr. W. In the flesh. I'd marry him again. Yes I would.

Will Write For Food

"Modern poets write against business, poor things, but all of us write for money." ~ Robert Frost

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