2017 National Newspaper Association First Place in Best Serious Column Class winner is ... Me.

Look, there is no way to even make this a humble brag. It's just a brag. Plain and simple. I own it.

Today my Editor informed me that I had won the 2017 National Newspaper Association BNEC/BNAC contest First Place in the Best Serious Column Class Daily & Non-Daily Division Circulation of 12,000 or more for the column titled Memories of Gram. I still can't read that column without tears. I probably never will. 

There are no words for how stunned, pleased, and also, quite frankly, how emotional I am.  The one person who would take the most pride in this award, the very reason that I won it, is the one person who isn't here to read it. 

It is both an honor, and a privilege, to be the grandchild and chronicler of Ruth May Lewis Studer. I'm going to go cry. Let's just call them happy tears.

You can read the column here: Memories of Gram