Back in the Nest 💕

My baby chick is back in the nest! 

Special gratitude as always to Southwest Airlines for safe travel and smooth operations and the entire state of Florida (with special emphasis on dear friends) for being such amazing hosts. 

My "baby" (not such a baby" anymore but bear with me) has now flown twice as much in her life as I have. I'm proud of that. 

Life as a mom of a not-so-baby also means accepting - and loving - the fact that she's super excited to see me, she just needs to greet this gem first. 

(He got three hugs before I got a "hi" but who's counting? #YoungLove) 

Cankles & Spa Day


Spa day in the heart of it all in January looks like this 💕 #Spa #Grey Finally using my 2014 Christmas gift. Also, there are not enough hot towels in my life. I also do not have cankles. They just appear that way in photographs (apparently). 

Adulting is Overrated

I'm not adulting today. 

I'm taking a not-sick day.

I got up,
Showered. Put on cute lounge clothes, blew out my hair, announced to Mr. Wonderful that he was getting me good pizza later, and that I would not be adulting today. 

Queso dip and chocolate cookies. 

It's what's for breakfast.  

Boys to Men

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