I finally felt like I could scrapbook today.
Only because I declared today as "National Do Not Clean the Kitchen
Day". I believe tomorrow is "sit on your butt day" so don't be
surprised if I scrap some more.

I call it the crack-pot, because it's THAT addictive ...

If you can only eat one more cupcake before you die, make sure it comes from Main Street Cupcakes
Seriously, these are sinfully good.
In the meantime, I am currently pining for something that makes my current Crock-Pot Love seem but a pale imitation of itself.
When I saw one of these in Target shortly before Christmas I stopped dead in my tracks. My jaw dropped in agape wonder. I I do believe I heard a choir of angels singing and heavenly light shown down upon it from above (or that may have been a too-bright fluorescent, could go either way). 
Yes, my friends, it is a 3-bowl Crock-Pot. (I wonder if I could make cupcakes in that thing?)
A girl can dream can't she ...

Keepin' it real ...

So how about my coolest profile photo yet? Found this awesome shot of me with my tongue hanging out and said "that has GOT to go on the internet IMMEDIATELY! I must share this with the WORLD!

Just keepin' it real - and proving that unlike my last picture, I do have two eyes. And apparently crazy eyebrows.

Well THIS is embarrassing ...

So, um, yeah. Maybe I should have cleaned out my cupboards just a tad sooner than I did. Found this wayyy in the back when organizing the Bermuda Triangle of Baking cupboards recently (where spices go to die).

Apparently my baking powder expired in February, 1995?

It probably says something unkind about your baking prowess when your staples are near driving age.