Boys to Men

Nothing quite prepares a player for that first time taking the field as a freshman on a high school team. No matter how talented a player, those first forays onto the field were better described as “deer in the headlights” than “impressive athlete.” ... Click to Read More: Weekly Read: Boys To Men

Wekly Read: Who me? R.S.V.P.

... Now, let’s just say you did return from one round to be informed that a few kids had hopped off the wagon back in the woods? I’m asking for a friend because I did not maybe lose two or six kids in the dark of night at one point. Nope. Nothing to see here. Click this link to Read More 

Weekly Read: Relax

It is difficult to give parenting advice when you are in the thick of parenting. I fear the jinx, bad karma, or just looking really stupid when things blow up.
 Boywonder, however, has reached that age where he is actually 18 and done with some things. In these cases, I feel marginally safer giving advice. I have the benefit of hindsight and knowing how it all turned out ... 

Et tu, baked beans?

Dear Food Manufacturers of America,
I get that some tastes can be an unexpected pleasure. I don’t think I had heard of “Salted Caramel” with that buttery sweet and salty blend 10 years ago. Now it’s everywhere. Chocolate in Chili? It works for some.
Then we have the truly odd combinations... Click Here To Read The Full Essay 

Senior Moments

Our high school is trying to kill me. Not all at once. It is too smart for that. No. It’s more a slow, steady drip. A pecking to death, as you will ... (Read More. See Below)

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PJs in Public: It Could Happen to You

You just never think it will happen to you. I dashed out to pick up my daughter at school when she was ill, and thought to myself "slippers are fine I'm not getting out of the car." You know what happens next right? My poor baby is feeling very ill and I, trying to be the good mommy, speed down to the village to dash into the Dollar General and pick up some medication. Only when I was standing in said Dollar General did it hit me. I was officially that woman wearing slippers in a store downtown. And me without a house coat and curlers. 

You swear it will never happen to you, and then one day it does. #Shame #OhHowTheMightHaveFalle