Happy (Almost) Birthday To You!

Happy (Almost) Birthday To You Dear Granny!
I'm sure all the family joins in wishing you a happiest birthday ever tomorrow (with plenty of cake and "Granny's Frosting" to boot!)

We love you!

P.S. You know you can add "comments" (readable by all) by clicking on that link below. Feel free to share a good "Granny memory" if you wish :)

I’ve been told that if I were a cartoon character …

I've been told that if I were a cartoon character, I would probably look a lot like this Shego_2

Honestly, I think it would be more: Coffee_5

Isn’t my best friend beautiful?

Love this pic of Dawn and Kayla taken in Erie, PA (That's by LAKE Erie by the way!) in July '06. Isn't this just a great shot of my beautiful best friend (and cousin) and her equally lovely daughter? I can post this because I probably won't see her for a few days and by then the urge to throttle me will have passed (for the most part).

If anyone should doubt the wisdom of being best friends with magical people let me tell you, I highly recommend it. Saturday afternoon Dawn and our respective children and I were at Boardman park sighing because we didn't want the day to end, but we couldn't think of a thing to do. Dawn said idly "if only there was something DIFFERENT to do, and wouldn't it be a great night for a drive-in movie?" Yes, it would be, but alas, there are no drive-ins anywhere near Boardman, Ohio. Sigh. Minutes later a hayride- and honest to goodness HAYRIDE in the buroughs of urban Youngstown Ohio happens by. We followed it and just around the bend happened upon, I kid you not!, a clown, balloon animals and a Beatles concert (yes, really). Asking the nearest park employee, incredulously, "how long does this concert go on?" he responded "oh, it's almost over, and then we'll have the movie!"

Yep, an outdoor movie for free on a Saturday night in Boardman Ohio shortly after Dawn said simply "if only ..."

Yep. If only she'd wished for a lottery ticket! :)

Okay, Elmview is up!

Fktmp5_0141 Elmview photos are up and running (knock wood!) See photo album at the side.

As you can see, Kass is real excited about this :)

Love ya all!

‘Cause they’re cousins … (non)identical cousins all the way …

Okay, at the risk of severely dating myself that is supposed to be the theme to the Patty Duke show. Yeah, I know, if you are under 35 and/or don't remember when Nick at Nite was still GOOD - you just went "huh?" Otherwise, just smile at the pretty picture of the pretty children on the pretty blanket and be happy.

So, how cute ARE these kids anyway? :) Photo from Elmview '06 and GREAT NEWS FAMILY -- I have my CD - it was not blank (thanks Dawn for telling me to actually CHECK it before I had a breakdown over it). Will be posting more Elmview '06 photos shortly.

Sadly, while Jake could be bribed to cooperate with a juicebox, Meg was much more reluctant to pose. Thus, she is not pictured and sorely missed. Better luck next time (or better juice boxes to be precise

Just call me June …

Just call me June ... Cleaver that is! I feel oh-so-1950's housewifey right now - and not in a good heels and pearls and sexy apron way. Just in a "I'm way too excited" about my no wax floor finish way. I have recently discovered this Method_product2


Better even - they sell it at Target! Now I have an iron clad reason to spend more time at Target! I've been going steady with WalMart for quite some time now, but I think I'm going to need my space. Not that WMart and I can't still be friends, but I'm feeling some serious Target crush right now.

My whole house smells like fruit (cucumber melon and mint to be exact) and all is right with the world. Knock wood!

Off to waltz with a swiffer ...

Hmm… I’m not sure I see the point but …

If I write here for FREE when do I have time to write for PAY? There may be a flaw in this blog thing.

Anyway, just trying out random nonsense to see if I can post pics for family and friends to see. Dsc04933_034

I like to call this one "when good pinatas go bad." The kitty cat pinata for Kassie's birthday started out lovely but then went oh so horribly wrong. Note to self: do NOT hang pinatas by the neck. Got it!

The “Your Mama Dresses You Funny” Hall of Fame

Big_time_star Need I say more?

The groovy jacket, the stellar shades ...

Testing 1, 2, 3,

Is this thing on?