Happy (Almost) Birthday To You!

Happy (Almost) Birthday To You Dear Granny!
I'm sure all the family joins in wishing you a happiest birthday ever tomorrow (with plenty of cake and "Granny's Frosting" to boot!)

We love you!

P.S. You know you can add "comments" (readable by all) by clicking on that link below. Feel free to share a good "Granny memory" if you wish :)


Kym said...

I'll start.

One of my (many) Granny Memories is of her straddling the center aisle of the old "Executive" RV (think green shag carpet and avocado green velour upholstery - swweeettt! :) while the a/c unit dripped incessantly all the way home from the trip. Along the way the retracting step on the exterior flew off and one point (and was subsequently, and immediately, run over with a crashing bang as it went careening on down the highway).

Through it all Granny maintained a dignified aplomb "oh well, keep smiling!" that impressed me even then - and still does today :)

Granny Lu said...

What a precious family....so loving and thoughtful. I love you all and thank God for this wonderful blessing. Granny Lu

Kit said...

EVERY memory I have of my beloved stepmom is a good one!