Rain rain go away

I suspected I wouldn't be much good at this blog thing and darned if I wasn't right!

Just a quick and pathetic recap so that August 24 isn't the last thing herein.

Spend Labor Day weekend camping with friends. I use the term "camping" very loosely here, mostly to describe standing in a cold, driving rain while huddled around a fire and under a canopy for warmth. Yes, we did have the canopy OVER the fire. At that point, I was figuring that if the canopy went up in flames, at least we'd be warm, however briefly, when the fire was burning above our heads.

We spent Saturday through Monday believing in our hearts that CNN was right and the weather would clear.

It sure did - on Monday. Just in time to pack up all those wet clothes and go home.

This is our weekend.

Friday - set up camp in rain.

Saturday - 3:00 a.m.-ish - wake up soaking wet as tent dumps gathered water on my sleeping bag.

Saturday - all day. Huddle in rain (see above).

Saturday night - A FIRST: travel to laundromat and spending evening drying out sleeping bags which, as it turns out, won't dry when hung out in driving rain. (See above).

Sunday: See Saturday, rinse, repeat. Brief flurry of activity when friend's child falls from scooter and breaks collarbone. Dustin (breakee) notes wryly that "I'm always with the Seabolt's when I break something."

Who says we bring nothing to the party?

Monday. What is that bright golden orb in the sky? Could it be? Is it sunshine? We recoil in horror unsure of ourselves. It's been so long. We don't really recognize the sun. Children take brief, one hour tour in pontoon boat. We all race to the docks to watch Coast Guard oversee recovery of a mini-van that has been completely submerged in the lake. This was terrifically exciting for quite some time. It is sad that this is so. Van is recovered without incident (or anything really interesting happening).

Come home. Do laundry for ten days straight attempting to catch up.

Repeat to self: "I love camping. I love camping. I love camping."

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