Manly men

So the manly men are back from the "Lad n' Me" cub scout campout. First, kudos to the Cub Scouts for coming up with the most emasculating monicker imaginable for an otherwise cool enough event. Lad n' Me? Seriously?

I still can't really say it with a straight face.

A good time was had by all - but yet again it rained. This prompted Brett and Kevin (former survivors of the much touted "rain camp Labor Day '06" to call me throughout the evening and chortle "it's cold, it's raining, my sleeping bag is WET! -- all that's missing is YOU KYM!!" and then hang up.

Funny guys. Good dads. :) They sucked it up (soaked it up?) and spent the night - all except for K. (you know who you are Kevin!) who slunk on home.

Not sure if that makes him a quitter - or just smarter than the rest of my friends :)

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Beth said...

I love your blogs Kym! I will have to remember to keep checking back!