I've been kind of down lately and it has been suggested that I'm having a mid-life crisis? Um, what???

Don't I get a Corvette and a comb-over or something with that?

I'd hate to think I'm at some half-way point and don't know it but then, maybe I passed it years ago in which case I DEFINITELY don't want to know. (Really, there's a bright side in there somewhere). Oh well, I guess the way to look at it is the only alternative to getting older is NOT getting older - and who wants THAT?

Copy_of_kimmie_and_cara_2_crop_3 Just to prove that I really WAS young once, here is me at age 6 (just, y'know, 24 short years ago ;) ) with my baby sister, Cara. I'm sure, at the time, I thought she was my own personal doll and I got to keep her. Sadly, no. Probably for the best, however. I did have a propensity to cut off all my doll's hair and paint their lips and cheeks with permanent marker. That might not have looked so good on her.

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