Project Life Week Oh Who Am I Kidding? May-ish

Weekly Read: Outdoorsy

 "Once again we packed up Boywonder and sent him off to camp for the week. By “we” I mean “he,” of course. I haven’t packed his bags since the memorable year I filled his knapsack with snack bars and he asked, derisively, if I was planning to have him dragged off into the woods by raccoons?

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Lets Do this Life Up Right. Photos + Story = Memory Simplified

I was an avid - and prolific - scrapbook creator back in the day. I cherish even now the heavy volumes loaded with the moments, memories, and mementos of our many happy years. With the advent of digital photography came 10x (honestly 10,000 times, more images than I ever had to process before). Gone were the days of one hour photo processing a 24-exposure roll of film. Now I can easily download 500 photos from a camera or cell phone in one sitting. Each of these photos represent a cherished, precious memory. Alas, they can all be saved on a disc or drive but not necessarily printed out. It is not "special" to have 750,000 photos of anything.

I've been wracking my brain trying to find my way back to photos + story = scrapbook DONE! Then, one day, I was posting on FB (like I endlessly do) and realized - I'm scrapbooking ALREADY. Every day we write the story of our lives - on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our camera phones, and via text. All my "journaling" is already there - I just have to gather it.

I took a quick look at my Facebook posts for the week (ridiculous), pulled in texts from friends (Classic) and paired them with photos snapped from my phone. 

Enter Project Life

I cannot take credit for the idea (Becky Higgins) or even the overall design (Cathy Zielske is my muse). I can take credit for the awesome family, wonderful friends and all the people and places we share our lives with. ♥

Memories Made Simple. That is Project Life.