Column: Weekly Read

"Thanks to the Internet, becoming a hypochondriac is a lot easier than it used to be. WebMD is great for fanning benign symptoms into a malignant crisis in mere moments. With just a case of the sniffles and click of the mouse, WebMD will have you writing out your last will and testament."  To read more:

Project Life: Back to School With Lots of Goofiness Edition

One and done - day that is. Photos taken 24 hours ago and already in the album. Yes, I'm bragging. This is how you keep the memories in focus.

Column: Being Fair to the Fair

For years we have happily ignored our county fair as something one enjoys hearing about from other people while blissfully avoiding the cost and stress for themselves. It’s like international travel. I want to thrill to your stories of working a mission in South Africa precisely so I don’t have to go to any trouble myself.

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