‘Cause they’re cousins … (non)identical cousins all the way …

Okay, at the risk of severely dating myself that is supposed to be the theme to the Patty Duke show. Yeah, I know, if you are under 35 and/or don't remember when Nick at Nite was still GOOD - you just went "huh?" Otherwise, just smile at the pretty picture of the pretty children on the pretty blanket and be happy.

So, how cute ARE these kids anyway? :) Photo from Elmview '06 and GREAT NEWS FAMILY -- I have my CD - it was not blank (thanks Dawn for telling me to actually CHECK it before I had a breakdown over it). Will be posting more Elmview '06 photos shortly.

Sadly, while Jake could be bribed to cooperate with a juicebox, Meg was much more reluctant to pose. Thus, she is not pictured and sorely missed. Better luck next time (or better juice boxes to be precise

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