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From This Week's Column: 
I can speak only for my small corner of the world, but I’d like to think Facebook has done more to thwart “but everyone ELSE is doing it” than all the years of “if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” snappy-mom comebacks combined.

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Debbie said...

hahaha....i actually love facebook!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I don't do Facebook much and I think they can check on just about everything you do. My daughter does it with parental controls.

Kelsie - MGD said...

Oh Kimberly this is so funny and true...I actually only signed up on Facebook to keep up with my daughter when she moved out of home back in Jan...But I do monitor the goings on of my nephew, nieces and friends teen children while I am on there.

I feel a little bad for BW but only because growing up in Aust the last day was a ditch day to head down to the beach...Often with teaches joining us...Helped the beach was but 15minutes walk from the school so you could show up for homeroom after lunch and then head back to the water for the rest of the arvo and still be back in time to catch the bus home...hmmm yer I can see how FB could have been not so good for me as a teen hehe.

Blessings Kelsie