The driveway bunnies continue their bid to not become even a little bit smarter. They remain firmly convinced that all cars will stop and/or swerve around them. This is the evolutionary process IN REVERSE. Eventually someone who is not me is going to come along and not be as invested in rolling down the window yelling "Bunnies. Move bunnies! Shoo bunnneeehhhs" and they are going to get creamed. 
 Not everyone has the crucial bunny herder instinct like I do.


scrappymo! said...

too cute!

Rita said...

Awww! That is where the term "dumb bunny" may have come from. I can say that because I love them dearly and managed to raise a wild bunny whose eyes weren't even open yet to adulthood when I was a kid. The neighbors were not happy. She had babies in the neighborhood for years and taught them all to raid gardens--LOL! ;)

I hope they survive!!