Geneva-on-the-Lake 2012

 No Shade App? 

 People may be surprised to learn that Ohio has gorgeous, white sand beaches.

The Strip at night. Very Honky-Tonk Boardwalk. Excellent Food. Not a bit of it good for you, but you don't go there for THAT.

What goes great with wine? Elmo. 

I don't think we ate indoors the entire three days we were there.

 My Best Girl and I

White Turkey Drive Inn, Conneaut, Ohio. How did that sneak in there? Road trip! 

True Confession: I will ride any roller coaster known to man but I am scared to screaming, white-knuckled DEATH of Ferris Wheels. Just say no.

Pretty though. 

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Rita said...

I'm the opposite. I'll go on a ferris wheel and I'm afraid of heights, but I cannot tolerate roller coasters at all...white knuckled terror. Your vacation looks like such fun! :)