Onion Extermination

So I was making our bed this morning and found little black flecks in the sheets? What? Flecks? Pellets? What????

Now, anyone living in an old farmhouse knows that if you see black pellets the only acceptable response is to FREAK THE HECK OUT because that is a clear sign of mice. Try as we might and as clean as we may be, old farmhouses, fields and mice seem to go together like, well, fields and mice. Hence the term "field mouse."

Thus I stand in disbelief, already beginning to hyperventilate and almost blindly reaching for the phone to call an exterminator, bug man, the National Guard ANYONE who can do something about what is clearly never before seen level of mouse boldness. In my BED no less!

"Hello Orkin? I want the fully tented skull and crossbones package please ..."

Then, just as I ran for the Yellow Pages it hit me. The kids surprised daddy today with breakfast in bed. Onion bagels in bed to be exact. Ah, sweet mystery of life thus solved. Those bits were not mouse-related. They were deliciously crispy onion bagel bit related.

And really, although I could give him a hard time about eating bagels in bed (not that I'd kick him out or anything, wink, wink) but I'm really not looking for anyone to eradicate onion bagels from my life.

Now, the extra pounds that come from them, that's another story ...

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