What is it Wednesday?

Today we will play a fun new game called "What the Heck Is It Wednesday?" This because, despite my battle cry to declutter and purge my home of that which is not useful, beautiful, or sentimental, I have a wee little yard sale/rummage addiction that causes me to purchase things I don't need. To whit:

As you can see it is clearly the most versatile and useful item EVER as evidenced by the fact that it can, apparently, be used up or down. Or is that down or up? Anyway, the handles (I think they are handles?) have vinyl/rubber grips that lead me to believe they should, in fact, grip something. Perhaps rest on something? The angle lead us to think "pot or lid holder" but in real life that doesn't seem to work so well. The openings "lean" too much or something. I don't know much about physics but suffice to say that something isn't right with those mechanics.

So, I'm stumped and out a quarter. This is how I get sucked in to these things. "What is this? Oh, you don't know either? But it's only a quarter AND it's got red on it? I'll hit that!"*
(*Ode to Frank, American Pickers. I can't quit you Frank).

So, what is it?
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jrmom said...

So happy to know you have a blog. I think it is a taco shell holder so they don't fall over and spill all their yummy goodness.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Ding ding ding! The Winner is jrmom who said what it was and enabled me to PROVE IT TO MYSELF because I'm like that. "Show Me" I said - and I did!

Thank you jrmom and hey, according to this listing, I saved approximately $8.24 (excluding shipping) so WIN!


Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Oh my god, I really need to git me one of them things. I grew up in Texas eating Tex-Mex every week till I was 18 and I never saw anything so nifty.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Elizabeth, I've had it for six weeks and not used it yet. Perhaps I should send you mine?