On the Menu

On the menu this evening homemade chicken pot pie and homebaked banana bread.

I better steam a piece of broccoli or something. Can you O.D. on carbs?

In other news the people who owe me money STILL owe me money. "I promise I'll pay on the 15th" apparently means the 15th of Never?

I'm a reasonable person, as Landlords go. This means, however, that I have had enough.

I am willing to work with ANYONE and understand the fear, stress, and frustration of "more month than money."

Outright lies and dodging my calls so that you don't have to speak to me and at least come up with a plan?

That I can't deal with at all.

Beautiful Townhouse style twinplex for rent. Hardwood floors. Cheap. :) 

On the upside I have found the Best Banana Bread recipe (apologies to my Grandmother). It uses Bisquick and is so easy to whip up that this is the second loaf we've had this week.

Not that I'm purposefully neglecting my bananas just to get them overripe enough to bake with or anything.

Oh no. Not at all ...

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