Good Tidings to you - and cheap gifts too!

Getting an early jump on that Holiday Shopping? These early 1970's commercials might help!
Because nothing says "yuletide joy" like cozying up to the flickering glow of a candle burning down into Barbra Streisand's head. And the $1.95 Papermate pen might be back in the budget this year!
It's worth it just for the savvy commercial for the 1977 Ford Pinto with, I kid you not, "redesigned fuel features." I assume that's some smart advertising guy's technical term for "will no longer explode upon minor impact!" I hope that guy got his Christmas Bonus that year.
Good times the 70's. Speaking of cars, what ever happened to "rack and pinion steering?" Do we no longer rack? Pinioning is no longer needed? Of course it also had that rockin' AM stereo ...

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