It's beginning to look a lot like ...

It's beginning to look a lot like once again I am all in a quandary because I always seem to have an IMBALANCE of gifts for the kids. One year it's so easy to buy for, say, Kassie it's laughable, while I have no good ideas for Matthew. Another year the situation reverses itself. This year is Kassie's year and I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with fresh, interesting ideas for Matthew beyond games of the video variety. I'm not AGAINST video games, mind you, I just hate for all his gifts to fit neatly in the palm of his hand. If only they made big honkin' HUGE video games. Something I could wrap for a real present PRESENCE under the tree.

As it is Mike suggested a "drip bag" for Matthew's newfound love of hunting. Because nothing say's "Season's Greetings Son!" like a bagful of deer pee under the tree.

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