Goals for the Good Life and other lofty things

I don't set resolutions, that seems so like a government document somehow "We hereby do resolve ..." and we all know how often THOSE don't pan out.

I set goals, visions (hippy dippy? Sure, but it works). Whatever you call them.

My goals for 2011

Get healthy (This is a euphemism for lose weight but get healthy sounds virtuous while "lose weight" sounds vain. Being actually vain I am using the former in hopes of sounding "deeper.")

Write & Speak - Yes, I know that speaking is something I do always, incessantly. I do not, in fact, ever shut up. That said I have been INVITED to speak and being me this gracious invitation was immediately  met with my freezing up completely. I need to follow through on this and open new avenues. The fact that the surest way to feel stupid, clunky, and dull as dishwater is to have someone say "okay now be funny!" should matter not a whit.

As for writing - by this I mean not only the column (which I adore and am blessed to have a forum for and so on and so forth) but write more, deeply, journal, remember and then DO SOMETHING WITH IT. (I think this may be translated to "less time on Facebook and Message Boards" and more time actually living - and relating to - real life).

My goal for Year End 2011 is to feel better than ever about where I am personally and professionally. Now I just have to work every day on getting there from here.


SandyCarlson said...

I like your attitude, and I admire your goals. Good for you! Thanks for stopping by.

jrmom said...

I understand the whole "healthy" thing. I Zumba twice a week and hit the gym. While I certainly would like to be thinner I like feeling better and stronger. As I age I know that that is more important!

You should write a book!!! Or at least, compile all of your past writings into a book. You have such a gift and I love reading what you write...it always makes me smile.