Of Mice and Men

This is a man intent on catching the culprit. Mr. Wonderful's Mouse Barricade. 
(One cagey critter has been picking open the rear door of the fancy trap and stealing all the peanut butter)
(Somewhere I hear the sound of a very wily mouse saying "Oh yeah Pal. It is so ON." 


Sandra said...

forget the peanut butter, hubby is an expert and catches them all the time, in the traps that snap.use a 1/2 inch Slim Jim jerky, the kind that say spicey smoked. he keeps a value pack in the cabinet just for the rats, we have big ones, the size of squirrels, they come out of the palm trees when it rains. we have a cemetery full of them. this photo made me laugh out loud...

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Good luck and happy New Year

Blessings Kelsie