Scene Seen Today

The Angels for Animals Garage Sale is a much anticipated annual event benefiting animal charity. Pals D and P and I attend annually, paying a $5 cover charge for a run on such treasures as these:

My Great Gram had one of these to hold brooches and small jewelry. I have a soft spot ...

"Open and Friendly, Beechwood brings a smile to your kitchen." Unlike those other, unfriendly kitchen surfaces which will shiv you on your way to the toaster. 

Um, so much of EVERYTHING is wrong with this product - and picture. 

Table of hideous ceramics. WTHeck is the catfaced duck thing?

Stuff I actually dragged home. Under that Naugahyde (and a few decades of dirt) is a cute vintage stool. The vintage cameras came home with me just because they are So Darned Cute!

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