These are the furry and generally four-legged cast of characters that round out our menagerie. 

Aug 03 2008 008 edit

Jagger: Named for his habit of prancing around with his chest jutting out ala Mick, Jagger is wider than he is tall, slightly crippled, almost wholly sedentary, and still believes he’s top dog.


Pikachu: (?-2011) A gift to Matthew from his grandmother (don’t all Mother-in-Law’s give goats?) Pikachu was named for a Pokemon character and was a beloved member of our family for many years


Gertie: Don’t you wish your goat was hot like mine? This supermodel of the goat world is a leggy brunette with chocolate brown eyes.

Jul 01 2009 093

Ace: A ball fetching wonder. Pure of bloodlines and protective of his people. He has no idea he could actually take Jagger.

Nov 08 2009 006

Kandalle: Last but not least. It is Kandalle’s World. We just live in it. The undisputed King of all cats and our household. Kandalle is Kassie’s cat and has been since he was found as a half-frozen newborn and placed in her loving four year old hands. We have no idea who or what he was named for. She was FOUR.

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