Cast of Characters

Regular readers and new friends alike may recognize these beloved members who make up the Seabolt crew and related cast of characters:

In order of age but always equal in my heart are:

Mr. Wonderful: So named in an early column in order to protect his privacy and the moniker "stuck." Forget privacy, he is the only member of our family fawned over and photographed when recognized. Seriously, ladies, this makes him difficult to live with.

Famous line: Me (exasperated): “You are INSUFFERABLE.” Him: (slow sexy smile and gleam in his eye) “No I’m not, I’m WONDERFUL, it says so in the PAPER.”

He is younger than he looks, having gone prematurely grey shortly after marrying me. Which, I’m sure, is just a coincidence.

Superpower: Adaptability with a minor in dry wit and an uncanny ability to keep us all alive despite my best efforts.


Boywonder / Wonderboy: Interchangeable since my swiss cheese brain can't remember from column to column what I'm choosing this week.

Superpower: Equanimity. Reserved and prone to embarrassed smile if the fact that his mother writes about him is disclosed. Likes the attention but accepts it stoically - and corrects my on facts when necessary. "It wasn't a jzillion bats mom, it was six."

Girlwonder / Wondergirl (See above). Once described by a teacher as a "Living Twinkle" she is also know as Mini Mr. Wonderful as they are two peas in a very confident pod. She is an avid animal lover and athlete and is proud to have been proven to be the "fastest girl in third grade."

Superpower: Mad soccer skillz and an almost unwaveringly sunny disposition unless you are her older brother, then there might be a beat-down. Her "pinky swears" are powerful and legendary.

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