Because I am a) a big sissy; b) lazy; c) both of the above, I tend to take on any new home decor or renovation project with enough trepidation that you would think I was considering adding a third child to the family, instead of just changing out the drapes.
Because I live in fear of painter's remorse (where you realize right after the first swipe of paint from a $30/gallon of paint that you have made a horrible mistake in your choice of hue), I tend to wallow in inactivity rather than just seizing the day - and paintbrush - and living large. I am also really tight with money to the point of squeaking and, as a result, tend to hate spending so much as a dime unless I am sure that I am saving 95-97% off retail and that the dime I do spend will result in million dollar rewards. So, as you can see, I don't ask for much. Just a freshening of paint, a few new knick-knacks, and a renewed outlook on life.

Spending far too much time on the internet pursuing decorating blogs has taught me the wisdom of creating "Vision Boards." Basically, this is artsy-fartsy speak for taking photos of the rooms, or pieces of rooms, that you like and throwing them all together in one big collage to get a "feel" for the overall look you like. I use Picasa, a free Google product, to organize photos and create these helpful little snippets of what I hope to find.

Below is a Vision Board thrown together from various sources to give an idea of the overlying theme that kept calling to me again and again when viewing catalogs and decorating blogs. I honestly had no idea until I gathered all these little pics in one place that I apparently really like the exact shade of blue-green Ball or Mason jars. Who knew?

Witness: One Vision Board

Witness: The Finished Product (minus the professional lighting). Below is our master bedroom properly outfitted via Vision Board inspiration and my rampant nerd love of all things thrifty and technological rolled int one.

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Joanne said...

I'm going to confess. I love that shade of blue. I am so impressed by your Vision Board that I am going to try it myself. Maybe I can purtify my old house up a bit. Really really enjoy your writing.