Craigslist Rules to Live By

1) If you don't have a photo in your listing, how am I supposed to know if I'm interested in buying said item? Am I supposed to just picture it in my mind?

2) Describing your item as "Just like Pottery Barn" does not mean you can price it as if it is, in fact, at Pottery Barn.Unless they've opened an outlet in your garage?

3) If your item was cheaply made it will not have appreciated in value since you did bong hits off it in college. A $50 dining set will be worth less - not more - after you have stained, scratched, and somehow managed to lose one leg.

4) While ScotchguardTM is, in fact, a nice selling point, they have yet to make a stain resistance that can outwit cigarette burns and/or cat pee so if your item has been exposed to one or both of these, give it up.

5) "Vintage" is not code for "ugly." Sometimes things are just "old" and/or "hideous."

6) "Can be refinished!" should not be priced as if it already is.

7) Descriptions such as "THIS ARMOIRE IS VERY UNIQUE BECAUSE IT HAS A BAR TO HANG CLOTHING AND DRAWERS INSIDE" are not helpful. That is not "unique." It's an armoire.

8) Please remove your dirty laundry, underwear, similar from any photo before posting. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but apparently, I do.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Ever since my Craigslist account got hacked and some jerk in California listed a bunch of electronics under my name, I hate Craigslist and won't use it (they didn't bother to investigate the incident or help in any way when I contacted them)

Leontien said...

I have never sold anything on ebay, chaiglist or some sorts at all!!! NEVER EVER... And i only boughtsomething once.. maybe i'm just too old fasioned and want to see and buy???

Love your tips though!


Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Come this October I will celebrate 10yrs buying and selling my doll creations (and random other things) thru eBay and my website...and over the years I have clicked out of many auctions due to bad photos and/or always amazes me how lazy some ppl our about selling there goods.

My impression of Craige's List is pretty sad, the few times I have tried searching it for something, I have run across listing that are just as you described strikes me as a "cheap version" of ebay, were ppl want to make a quick buck with less work and/or fees...I have yet to find a single item on there that I would want to spend money or even time picking up since the photos are always pathetic and descriptions worse.

Kelsie said...

Love what you wrote :)

SheShe said...

I've never done anything on Craigslist other than read the ads and shake my head at people. Does anyone really buy that stuff??

Martha (MM) said...

So funny! I have never even been on craigslist but am thinking about trying to sell on it as I declutter. I'll remember your tips when I do, LOL! New follower :-)

AntiqueChase said...

Amen Sista!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

About time someone says something true about Craig's list. It makes me wonder when I read about all those bloggers who buy and sell, and have such a good time with it.

I posted a very innocent ad looking for a Sales Rep and was almost immediately flagged as offensive material. How tell me do simple greeting cards of flowers strike anyone as offensive?

The guy offering to sell himself was still up there for weeks.

While I know that's nothing to do with furniture, it just astounds me that the really bad stuff gets to stay.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Mz-Cellaneous said...

I think CL is a great social experiment. Or.. just a place where all the morons seem to gravitate to. lol