Weekly Read | Fashion Night at the Tractor Supply

You know that moment when you make that fateful decision and say “Who am I going to see at the Tractor Supply at 7:30 p.m. on a Monday? These Muck boots and this dirty old ski parka are FINE?” That is a bad moment. Poor decision making processes are at work here.
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texwisgirl said...

oh, amen to that, sister friend! long live mud boots and bad hair and smelling like animals in public! :)

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

This is so funny because it is so true...I adore TSC and it is actually my idea of a good place to spend my Friday night...Yer not much else to do around here except go to walmart.

I bet deep down she wishes she had goats too :)

Thnx again for the chuckle.

Bless you and your goats.

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

PS: I totally adore your picture this week, she is totally rockin' that tractor...

*Ponders a 1/4 scale tractor for a new doll prop*

SheShe said...

I hate people who are always clean in public. It's just not fair to the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Very funny !! :))