Chow Hound

Matt graciously offered to make Mother's Day Dinner last Sunday.

He prefers to cook "camp style" so outdoors with a big cast iron pot he went.

Jagger grew increasingly impatient with the endless wait for "done." 
A watch dogged pot never boils, indeed

Smoke gets in his eyes, but never will he relinquish his "chow hound" post

Someday, his dish will come.
Every dog has his day - and a moment when someone is going to leave that pot of bacon and sausage unattended for one quick minute ...

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Sandra said...

that pot looks like the one my brother uses when camping out. he invited us to his campout for dinnerr and made a big pot of who knows what. it was stew for want of a better word. he said he just opened all the cans he had and dumped them all togeher and heated them. it was pretty good, but i think i prefer bacon and sausage

texwisgirl said...

what a great pup! i hope he was rewarded for his diligence!

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Such good skills for a boy to have..hehe @ your hound.

Cute post

Blessings Kelsie

Furry Bottoms said...

Well, now, I know I haven't shaved in ages. But still, HOW ON EARTH did you get those pictures of me! I know my hair grows in all black and thick, but geesh, this is embarrassing.