If Lovin' To Save Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right Part II

If it’s possible to be addicted to saving then I’ve got the bug — bad. There is just something so satisfying about not spending money. Some count their winnings through gambling. I get high saving. No slots player pulling a lever ever got bigger thrills than I do when they start subtracting my coupon savings from a grocery order. I am that woman with the fistful of coupons, convinced that if I pay more than a dime for toilet paper ... (Continued) Read the rest of this column at the F&D Publisher's Site


Sandra said...

since i retired in 2006 i do not shop for anything but food and nesscesary items, not even clothes, i rarely go anywhere that i can't wear my every day clothes so nothing wears out. have fun with your coupons

SheShe said...

I love your enthusiasm. I agree with you 100%, but my love of a deal has been limited by a strict 1700 square feet of space, albeit with walk-in closets in every room, and a husband who has decided to put his proverbial foot down. I once made him drive an hour, each way, to buy for me a circa 1940 refrigerator that weighed, no lie, about ten thousand pounds. It worked though, and was only $10, and I loved it. I have since had to curb my bargain hunting, and am no longer allowed to go to auctions unaccompanied. So, you go, girl!