(Not) Better Living Through Chemistry

Does anyone have advice and/or a source for the best non-budget busting pure maple syrup? My kids go through this stuff by the gallon but I just realized, in reading the label, that I'd be better off giving them Drano from under the sink to pour on those homemade waffles. 

But hey, it's Gluten Free! 

This would be because gluten is not a chemical.


Sandra said...

i once stood in the syrup aisle and read the label on every bottle, they all look like this one except that very expensive 100 percent pure maple. don't think there is a cheap one.

Rita said...

Pure Maple syrup is more expensive, but so worth it. Just have to get the kids to use less. Maybe you need some of those tiny individual syrup holders like they used to use in restaurants in the old days. Or mom has to pour on the syrup. Tell them this is stronger syrup. It is! ;)