There WOULD Be Bats

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 To peruse the Internet for even five clicks is to discover that bats are pretty popular. Generally with people who don’t have them in their living room.


Rita said...

I like them fine outdoors, but I would not want them in my house! My niece had them infested in the walls of her house. It was a long battle with the exterminators. Freaked her out so badly they sold the house and moved...just in case the bats came back.

With the's just wishful expectation. You know how they love excitement. ;)

SheShe said...

Oh, my gosh....this made me laugh so hard! I, too, am a bat magnet. My story starts at age 9, when my father rushed home, after my frantic phone call about a bat in the house tangling with the cat, only to beat the thing to death with my purple, plastic Donnie and Marie guitar. He then froze it, just in case we needed a rabies test. It goes on from there, but I'll just leave it at this....I sympathize, sister, and the bat fans on the internet are freaks.