But weight, there's more ...

About Look, I don't want to frighten anyone but you know how when you are growing up and into your, say, 30's all the slightly older-than-you friends like to make ominous warnings about how you just wait, age is going to slap you silly one of those days? No? That only happens to me? Okay, note to self: you run with a bad crowd. Anywho, if you  have friends like this, or just the vague notion that despite your best intentions, delusions, and flat-out denial you are, probably, going to succumb to aging, have I got news for you?

 Aging bites! Seriously. I turned, ahem, 40 last November. And whereas I thought my friends were kidding when they said the metabolism takes a nose dive - they were so not kidding. Why did they not take me? Shake me? Force me to subsist on spinach and endive alone? Come January I hopped on the scale to figure out why the heck all my pants were shrinking? What was that about? And lets just say the numbers were not kind. I normally am a big fan of rising numbers - stock values, bank accounts - but high numbers are not your friend when it comes to debt - or your backside. I'm just sayin' 

So I embarked on a little healthy-diet revamp. It's worked before right? Except, this time after eating healthy - whole grains, healthy fruits and vegetables, and so on and so forth - I have to date lost two pounds. Maybe. That's if I remember to remove my wedding rings - and socks.

So I am now on a quest to figure out why weight loss is so much HARDER these days? WHY??? And, if one is going to carry extra weight, why that weight doesn't plump out the wrinkles? It seems the least age could do?

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