Of Satisfaction and Succulence

So today's weekly column
is all about how you have to learn to embrace what you have - the
things that matter. Home, health, family. While I am not your "go to
girl" for anything related to health (God forbid - I think gummy bears
are a fruit-based food group in and of themselves) I am able to share
how I keep my love of hearth and home alive on approximately
seventy-six cents - per month.

I keep the fabulousness that is this falling-down-Old-House from reducing me to tears with the help of great web bloggers like Chatting at the Sky and The Nesting Place.
Both provide real-life inspiration to work pleasure and happiness and
warm feelings of fuzzy goodness into your home - without breaking the

You know you want to go there. Really, you do.

The Nester is decorating with succulents today and really now? How can you not want more succulence in your life?


The Nester said...

Girl you put me and my sister both in the post! How can I not adore you!

emily said...

Cool. I'm glad to help with the fuzzy goodness. Always a plus!

Angie said...

I LOVE the quote on your banner!