Tragedy - in perspective

So I'm already lazy as sin and prone to sloth and the news that poor Natasha Richardson has died following a bump on her head in a skiing accident is doing nothing to inspire or motivate to do more with my life activity-wise.

It is just so sad - how a person can be merrily living a pretty great life one moment - and boom - gone, the next. Particularly from something like a bunny slope bump. Tragic.

Watching the news today I was struck, however, by how parenthood changes a person. Seeing that Ms. Richardson leaves behind a husband, fellow actor/superstar Liam Neeson and two sons ages 12 and 13 -  my heart just seized up.

As a mother I no longer think of the loss of the life of the mother from the mother's perspective. Of the loss of promise and the fulfillment of her life's dreams. No. I think of those poor boys left without her - and of her not living to see how it all played out. Not getting the happy ending (or at least happy middle) to the story we all dream for our babies from the moment we know of them.

Hearing things like that kind of puts the "tragedy" of AIG bonuses or our own 401k balances into perspective doesn't it though?

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