Groovy Goods aka I fondue, do you?

70's-licious Awesomeness. (Thanks Michelle!) We are all hooked up for those poolside fondue parties now. (Note my VINTAGE Mint-in-bag "perfection" groovy daisies pillowcases. 
It says they come unhemmed? What were they smokin'?

Technically 70's but I think it may just groove on in to the 80's Prom. I also have an A-mazing two piece men's velour track suit that would be quite fetching with a nice Richard Simmons headband and some aerobic shoes.The track suit isn't pictured because it didn't photograph well.
If I recall track suits had that same effect when worn.

Don't be hatin' on my Awesome Autographed and professionally framed print of Evil Knievel. 
You know you're jealous ;-P

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