When you disrespect an adult (anyone who is older than you), you have in return disrespected your parents. Kids today need to understand that the people older than them ARE WISER than them. Learn from them, don't disrespect them.

 My addition:

That goes for people OUR age too. I can stand up for myself and be fairly confrontational (for lack of a better word) with almost anyone but the elderly are different. I don't like to see 40 year olds acting all impatient with their "elders" either. Yesterday I watched a woman my age get all huffy in the grocery store because an older gentleman wasn't checking out fast enough for her. Judging by his age I'd guess he was a was a WWII vet and judging by her age she'd done what? Survived disco and stirrup pants? Chill lady, you can wait a sec while he navigates the debit machine.

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