Paint it Black: Chalkboard Paint 101

The chalkboard paint project seems to be one that garners a fair amount of questioning as to the wit, wisdom, and wear-ability of the surface.

To whit:

Application: Easy. I slapped, APPLIED two coats of black chalkboard paint over the previous white wall and achieved great coverage. Probably could have used a third coat but I'm lazy like that.

Once painted, the most painful part of the process was waiting 2-3 days to season the surface. This step just about killed Kassie via terminal impatience.

Seasoning is not a tasty addition of herbs to the chalk sauce. Oh no. Seasoning is rubbing every square inch of the paint with sticks of chalk and wiping it off prior to actually using it for creativity. This is when impatient little girls come in very, very handy.

Finally, use your chalkboard. In the month we have had it we have enjoyed art great and small and love notes from a variety of family members.

Love the look, love the ease of application, give it a five-star rating!

Peace out!

P.S. The paint shownis NOT the brand I used. The brand we used is widely available at a variety of home improvement and related retailers. The brand shown, however, is now available in a host of vibrant colors  and would be wonderful for the less gothically minded among us.

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