Gertie the Guard Goat

So I'm sitting here minding my biz and getting fatter on the couch eating almonds which are good for you but probably NOT if you eat the entire can.

I hear the faint sound of a buzzsaw. Or perhaps a cat being strangled. Since our own most-wonderful-cat-in-the-whole-world is sitting right here breathing easy, I know it's not actually a cat being strangled.

Still, I jump up and check the pool because, hello, I learned a thing or two.

I peer outside to discover that it's Gertie, our goat. She is standing at the corner of the pasture losing her MIND over the fact that the girls are sledding down the front hill - visible (at least the top) from her pasture.

Being a goat I'm thinking she is not quite familiar with the norms of sledding. She seems really overwrought about the whole thing.

I realize there's a pattern here. As the girls reappear at the top of the hill - she relaxes and falls silent.
As they hop on the sled's and crest over the top of the hill she loses it and begins braying again. If you were to speak goat I suspect it goes something like "Oh, oh no! They are going over the cliff! Aaaahgghh they are gone. Gone I tell you! GONE! Can no one help us? Is there no one to save them? That blond one, she feeds me! Somebody anybody help! ... oh, wait? What's this. Oh praise the Heavens they are alive! They have survived! Oh it's wonderful news! I shall eat again! Oh, my, that was close ..." ... "What? Oh No! They are gong over a cliff AGAIN! "

She seriously seems concerned about the children sledding.

Clearly, she's a nanny goat.

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